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Meet the Ninja

Read Greg's Story

It all started back in 2014. Greg started making cheesecake because he was bored one day and decided he would give it a try. His first one wasn’t the best, and he didn’t have as much fun as he thought he would making it but something kept bringing him back. He kept making more, and his technique got better and better. As he kept working on his skills, he shared his creations with friends and family. Seeing how happy everyone was to try his cheesecakes, Greg kept coming up with new and exciting ideas for flavors. By this time he was really having fun and thought maybe he could try and sell his cheesecakes to local businesses and other customers. Facebook marketplace seemed like a good place to start, but delivered mixed results. He started just hauling around a cooler, visiting businesses door to door style and that really took off. It was around this time that the nickname “Cheesecake Ninja” came into the picture thanks to Greg’s sister-in-law. Things were picking up for the business and with the support of his fans, Greg developed weekly delivery routes in three cities with four routes total. The next move for the business was to seek out a real location for it because Greg’s wife was about to lose it with the cheesecake operation constantly wrecking the kitchen. He found the perfect spot in downtown Perryville, Missouri and now has an amazing place to create and serve his creations. That all happened in 2018 and since then, the Cheesecake Ninja has been busier than ever while loving what he does. We hope you will come visit the store for some special treats and see why Greg is a cheesecake legend.

Visit the shop

Located in downtown Jackson , MO We are open:

Tue-Fri 7-4

Sat 9-4:00pm

Summer Hours 

Tue-Friday 8-5

Sat 9-4

We offer storefront seasonal seating and serve our current featured flavors from our display case. Visit our online store at   the cheesecake ninja

Orders & Deliveries

We have four cheesecake delivery routes that come through on Tuesday mornings.  Contact us if you’d like to be added.

Cape Girardeau, MO North
Cape Girardeau, MO South
Jackson, MO
Perryville, MO

We also take custom orders for weddings, parties, graduations, retirements, holidays or any other special event where cheesecake is welcome.  Contact us for quantities and pricing.

Master Flavor List

Since I’ve been making cheesecake, more than 200 flavors have been produced and I have to say that I love coming up with new ideas and creative twists.  We only offer a few featured flavors at a time but can make anything for special events.  Check out our master list and find your next favorite.

Cheesecake size and price guide

Mini cakes

$3.99 each / 6 for $19.99 / 12 for $39.99

6 inch cakes

$25 each (special order)

9 inch cakes

$35-$50 depending on variety
Standard, Plus, Deluxe, and Super

It’s our pleasure to serve our custom-made cheesecakes and treats.  Come by for a visit, and let us help you assassinate your cravings!

Now located in Jackson Missouri

318 East Main Street Suite A

Jackson Missouri 63755